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Top Five Favorite Christmas Movies

It’s been a while since I fired up the old blog so I figured I’d ease back into it before I actually move forward with my promised series on Exegesis in 140 Characters or Less.  So I figured I would go light with a top five list.  The only thing that fascinates me more than the Bible is pop culture and one of my guilty pleasures are top whatever lists.  So I figure I’ll give it a whirl.  I may even do these from time to time to break up the constant seriousness of always talking about more weighty issues.  It might even help me be more consistent with my blog in the future… might.  Spoiler alert: my new years resolution will be to put more effort into this thing I call Fallow Grounds.  Anyway, on to the top five Christmas movies according to me! (In descending order of course.)

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Exegesis in 140 Characters or Less, Part 1

Finally, my second post! I will be more diligent in my postings going forward. I will also be updating the twitter account regularly so follow me and stay up to date. Anyway, on to the task at hand…

One of my professors in college wrote a book called Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics. If you cannot tell from the title, the book was essentially an encouragement not to base your ethical foundation on catchy phrases but something more substantial. But let’s be honest, bumper stickers, really? At this point that analogy is a bit dated. Bumper stickers are for families that want to represent themselves with stick figures, or for fanatics on either end of the political spectrum to insult the other side. Let’s update our analogy, shall we?

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An Introduction

After being told by several people I should, and being inspired by my brother-in-law’s recent efforts, I am officially throwing my hat into the proverbial ring known as the blogosphere.  My primary goal in this endeavor is purely personal and selfish.  I need a place to let some stuff out.  It has been a rough couple years and I am really good at holding things in.  Two things that tend to be destructive when mixed.  I figure it’s time to be really good at letting some stuff out.

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